Ceramic Bisque, bare white and ready for your personal decorating touch! Hand rolled clay and fired to bisque (ceramic) ornaments. All unique and kiln fired to Cone 04.

Two Finish/painting choices when choosing your ornaments:

1.)    Acrylic Paint finish -at least 6 different colors provided (Does not get fired in the kiln)  a semi-gloss finish, but a gloss finish spray or mod podge brush on finish can be purchased at any craft store for a differnt look.

2.)   Glaze finish $10 extra charge per order -must use ONLY  provided glazes when decorating your projects, nothing else may touch or be put on the ceramic pieces or they will not fire correctly. Upon finishing decorating your glazed products they must re returned to us for firing (we can arrange pick up or meet in a neutral location) and then they will be returned to you after this process. 

Each has it's own unique characteristics and minor flaws. Many styles available! More choices than pictured due to some still being in the kiln! More pictures to be added as they are available!

Hand Made Ceramic Ornaments

  • We only accept exchanges for the same or silimar products when there is an obviously mishap on our part. We do not refund. Please contact us directly for any questions.